5 Play-to-Earn Blockchain Games You Need to Know

Play-to-earn has already become one of the most valuable elements in the blockchain game industry and is the new economy of the gaming world. By playing such games, users can simultaneously gain profit from the game. This incredible charm has attracted a great number of people joining play-to-earn games.

Except for the all-known Axie Infinity, today we want to introduce 5 play-to-earn games that you need to know. With this top 5, we put focus on the well-renowned successful projects and projects with great potential.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual voxel world where players can own and customize thousands of different land NFTs. The Sandbox provides free tools for users to create assets. The landowners can do a lot of activities on the lands such as making games, designing characters, running virtual museums, and other creations. Creations can be sold in the marketplace, and other people can then use those assets to decorate their lands. As long as users can make a contribution to the ecosystem, they can earn SAND tokens.


Aavegotchi is a combination of Defi and NFT games. An Aavegotchi is a pixel ghost NFT with several traits with special rarity, it is a gamification controller of yield farming. Aavegotchi ghost with rarer wearable NFTs can help generate higher interest during the staking and harvest more GHST tokens.

There also is a Gotchi Bridge that allows users to transfer GHST and USDC from Ethereum to Matic. Users can stake their GHST on Matic to earn FRENS points, which can be used to buy wearable NFTs in the game. In addition, Aavegotchi is going to host a Gotchiverse land sale.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The hero characters in Thetan Arena have a retro touch. Here, you can gather your friends, establish a hero team, initiate a battle with enemies to gain money. In each round, players will use their fighting skills and teamwork to finish with maximum rewards.

The game’s economy is based on Thetan Coin. It will be used to get Premium Heroes or players can withdraw it to fiat. On top of that, The Gem will be used to upgrade Premium Heroes to Thetan Heroes or could be staked for rewards.

Town Star

Town Star is a blockchain farming game to earn NFTs, GALA, and Town Coin in weekly competitions. Players need to grow crops, gather resources, and create materials to build even more NFT buildings. NFT buildings can help players to store more resources or otherwise improve their production flow. As a result, a small farm can grow into a town full of activity. Each round normally takes one week, and that means that players have one week to optimize their farm and earn the most points. There is also a TOWN token airdrop for completing daily tasks.


Here comes StarryNift, the first gamified massive creation platform, and launchpad for fun digital collectibles integrated with metaverse in the confluence of multiple worldviews. The main character on StarryNift is “Code Green” NFT, a series of alien viruses, who were unboxed from mystery boxes.

StarryNift aims to establish a metaverse for everyone to enjoy the fun of NFT creating, collecting, trading, gaming, and socialization. The team creates many scenarios to enrich the P2E fun. Currently, in StarryNift, you can join the land occupation, initiate a battle with others to claim the land, harvest trophy, and equipment, which can be traded and utilized in the game later.

In the future StarryNift metaverse, users will encounter various scenes such as watching virtual idol performances, treasure hunting in the jungle, breeding next-generation Code Green, trading Code Green and equipment in the marketplace, adopting a cute pet in a pet center……


From the projects mentioned above, it’s easy to notice that popular blockchain games are more than mere games as they embrace Play-to-Earn financial ecosystems.

StarryNift hopes the Play-to-Earn fun can redefine the meaning of work, allow more people especially people in Southeastern Asia can use the earning in the game to fund their real-life expenses.

The Play-to-earn game is in the emerging period, more creative projects are coming out. Wish this gamefi ecology can make more people benefit from the metaverse.

StarryNift is the first gamified massive creation platform and launchpad for fun digital collectibles. https://app.starrynift.art