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3 min readJun 13, 2024


We are excited to introduce AI NPCs in StarryVerse and collaborate with leading web3 projects SPACE ID, NFP, KiloEx, UXUY, Nimble, and Followin for the StarryAI Alliance Carnival! We will be offering over 10,000 USD in rewards to all our partners, including $SNIFT, USDT, SPACE ID gift cards, Tokens, OAT, etc.

All users are welcomed to join our event and engage in conversations and chats with AI bots from your favorite brand projects! Additionally, don’t forget to join us in the “Let’s Drink” 3D bar space for voice chats with AI NPCs and participate in the prize draw to win rewards!

Event 1: StarryAI Alliance Carnival

Dates: June 13 14:00 UTC+8 — June 30 23:59 UTC+8

Prize Pool: 5,000 $SNIFT & USDT & Citizenship xp & SPACE ID Domain gift card & UXUY $inds & Nimble point & $cNFP & KiloEx OAT

StarryNift will launch a “StarryAI Alliance Carnival”. During the event, all users can visit the StarryNift official website daily and participate in the draw to win huge $SNIFT and more rewards.

All users need to freemint citizenship card( ) first and start your journey, then navigate to the “StarryVerse” page where you can enter the “Social — Let’s Drink” Space and get lottery for the lucky draw with NPC!

How to get the lottery?

1) All users can get 2 lotteries daily by voting for 5 Project Brand AI bots — SPACE ID, NFP, KiloEx, UXUY, Nimble, Followin. ( Official website — StarryAI — Explore Feature )

2) All users can get 1 lottery daily by voting for any AI Bots ( Official website — StarryAI — Explore Feature )

3) All users can get 3 lotteries daily by inviting 3 new users. ( Official website — Citizen — Invite new users and freemint citizenship card successfully )

Tips: All rewards are not distributed in real-time! We will distribute the previous day’s $USDT rewards at 12:00 UTC+8 every day! Additionally, partner rewards will be distributed within 15 business days after the end of the event.

SPACE ID: A building a hub for you to discover, register, trade and manage web3 domains in one stop. SPACE ID provided 40 domain gift card rewards for this event.

NFP: AI-Powered UGC Platform for the Next Generation of Content Creators. NFP provided 2000* $cNFP rewards for this event.

KiloEx: Next generation of user-friendly perpetual DEX on BNB Chain/opBNB/Manta. Fully integration with LSTfi. KiloEx provided 10* KiloEx OAT rewards for this event.

UXUY: A next-gen DEX platform where 100x happens. UXUY provided inds Tokens worth 1000 USD.

Nimble: The AI OrderBook for Decentralized Training and Inferencing. Nimble provided 5,000* points rewards for this event.

Followin: The largest AI-Powered Web3 content platform for Investors and communities.

Event 2: UGC event — Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Rewards

Dates: June 25 — June 30

Prize Pool: 3rd Anniversary WL & USDT

All users can create different types of AI bots and train them. We will comprehensively evaluate and select the winners through various forms!

We will release detailed info in the Event 2 medium blog.

Don’t forget to invite your friends in the exciting adventures of StarryNift and win rewards worth $10,000 USD! All users can enjoy the “Let’s Drink” bar and join the lucky draw! We call on all StarryNifters to join us in building an active community and seize the opportunity to earn rich rewards! Join StarryNift official Discord to learn more about the event details.

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