Airdrop for ETH Code Green Holders! (Special Rules for Shovel-Mark NFT)

As BSC Code Greens are busy mining in the Earth BSC database, now the ETH Code Greens have successfully established the Cross-Chain Bridge, and they are coming to enjoy mining in the BSC database.

Now all the Code Greens can join the mining pool, the Code Greens with shovel mark are the mining experts. They can find they have already shoveled out the Magic Box.

⚠️ For all the ETH users who had shovel-mark Code Greens, please use the same ETH wallet address to log in , switch to BSC network, and you will find the Magic Box already in your User Center.

Since all the shovel-mark Code Greens have been equipped with the Magic Box, now all the shovels are broken, all their benefits will be upgraded and transferred to the Magic Box. They can find the mining weight of the Magic Box is higher than their original shovel-mark Code Greens. And there will be more benefits can be unboxed from this Magic Box.

💗 Here we kindly suggest that: shovel-mark Code Green holders can choose not to transfer the NFT, just directly use the Magic Box to join mining since the mining power has been transferred from the Code Green to the Magic Box.

For all the ETH Non-Shovel-Mark Code Greens, of course you can use the cross-chain bridge to join the BSC mining! You are our early supporters!!! We will never forget you! Please also wait for benefits in the future~~~

💗 Here we kindly suggest that: since the gas fee is high now, we suggest you batch transfer the Code Greens to save the gas fee.

Now, please enjoy our mining game and more Play to Earn game in the future.

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