Starry War Tournament with BUSD Reward Is Coming!

BTC ETF got approved, Facebook and Sotheby embrace metaverse, Twitter accepts BTC tips, more and more big names are coming to the crypto and metaverse world…..

To celebrate crypto bulls and StarryNift upcoming new game, we decide to launch a Starry War Tournament with 12,600 BUSD and high attributes super rare equipment NFTs!

The contest will be held on testnet to let users gain pure play-to-earn profit by NO GAS FEE!

Tournament Time

Contest Time: Oct 23rd — Nov 2nd

Sign up Time: Oct 20th — Oct 22th

The winner list will be announced in the official Twitter at Oct 22th

Tournament Principle

  1. The tournament is open to both Code Green holders and new comers. We will finally randomly choose 1500 winners from the application as the participators.
  2. The sign up is over, here is the winner list:
  3. The winners will get free test NFT in the BSC wallet address they submitted.They can use the test NFT to join the tournament.
  4. To guarantee the fairness, every participator will get the SAME WEIGHT NFTs, which means it’s all about using your strategy and acuity to win the game.

Tournament Reward

We have set two kinds of rewards for the tournament according to the Trophy Rank and Equipment Rank. The BUSD rewards is over 120,00+!

If some lucky ones rank top 200 in both trophy and equipment rank, they will get rewards from both rank!

1.Trophy Rank (Top 200)

We will send the BUSD reward directly to the same test address of winner at the BSC mainnet.

⚠️ If certain winners have the same trophy amounts, we will rank them again according to their equipment amounts, finally there will be 200 participants win the reward

No 1: 1000 BUSD

No 2: 800 BUSD

No 3: 600 BUSD

No 4~No 50: 100 BUSD

No 51~No 100: 50 BUSD

No 100~No 200: 30 BUSD

2. Equipment Rank (Top 200)

We will send the reward equipment NFTs to the same test address of winne rat the BSC mainnet.

⚠️ If certain winners have the same equipment amounts, we will rank them again according to their trophy amounts, finally there will be 200 participants win the reward

No 1: Two SSR Equipment NFTs

No 2: One SSR Equipment NFT

No 3: Two SR Equipment NFTs

No 4~No 10: One SR Equipment NFT

No 11~No 100: Two N Equipment NFTs

No 101~No 200: One N Equipment NFT

3. UGC Contribution Rewards

During the tournament, we encourage users to post game video on Youtbe or post game snapshot & experience feedback. Both video and picture post need to be posted on Twitter, @StarryNift, and use #NFTshilling #NFTs #NFTGiveaway 3 hashtags in the content.

We will pick:

High-quality Twitter posters to get one R Equipment NFT each

Participating Twitter posters to get one N Equipment NFT each


1. All the trophy and props produced in the tournament will not be synchronized on the BSC main network.

2. The BUSD rewards will distribute to the same tournament participating addresses, we will send the rewards directly to your BSC network with the same participating address.

3. Please do not submit the form repeatedly, you can only receive free test NFT once.

Test Instruction

1. Take 1 Free BNB Test Coin :

2. Then enter Tournament Testnet
Please use the BSC wallet address you sign up in the google sheet to log in, the test NFTs are in your user center. Then switch your Metamask wallet to BSC Testnet

3. Users need to add BSC Testnet by themselves in Metamask:
Network Name: Smart Chain — Testnet
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

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