StarryNift Christmas NFT Airdrop Winner Announcement

🎁Today, we are happy to announce the 27 Airdrop winners with Math Wallet !!!

💰 1 lucky winner will get the 500U Code Green NFT! The other 26 winners will get one 20U Code Green each.

⚠️ For all the winners, please use the same wallet address you submitted in the google form to sign up in

How to Claim Your Airdrop NFT ?

Please use your wallet address to sign up in

After signing up, please click the upper right corner avatar to enter the user center.

Make sure to use the BSC Network

Then you can find the NFT in your user center wallet.

Winner Wallet Address

Please check if your Wallet Addresses in the following winner list!!!

After you getting your airdrop NFT, if you can take a snapshot, share it on Twitter and @StarryNift, that would be super nice! And in return, we will mark you as active member, which will enhance your future airdrop winning probability!

About StarryNift

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