StarryNift Ecosystem: May’s Flourishing Progress

2 min readJun 3, 2024


Excited to share with everyone the progress of StarryNift in May! We successfully held the 3rd Anniversary Starlight Spectacular event and awarded a prize pool of over 300,000 USD with Starrynifters! During the event, we attracted over 250k users to become StarryNift 3rd anniversary NFT/SBT holders!

We also achieved other stunning data accomplishments during the event!

BNB Gas Consumed: StarryNift is a multi-chain AI-powered co-creation metaverse project with a total of 327 BNB gas consumed in May.

Daily UAW: StarryNift is the top Dapp on BNBChain with 186k daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW).

3rd Anniversary Event campaigners: StarryNift organized a series of six events in May, attracting over 355k campaigners to participate!

New Feature Transactions: StarryNift’s ecosystem has reached over 24M+ transactions in May. We have been actively engaged in blockchain development, continuously expanding our network of partner projects, collaborating with superior communities in various languages to attract users to join our StarryNift ecosystem.

In mid-May, we actively committed to the product and successfully upgraded StarryAI to integrate the Claude-3-Haiku & Sonnet models. As OpenAI continues to upgrade and update, we have also successfully integrated the latest GPT4o AI model — chatty, engaging, and with superb language understanding!

Additionally, we carried out a CSO school-enterprise cooperation and, with the support of excellent team members, successfully completed the StarryNift whitepaper! We also worked with the Slowmist team, who completed the audit of the StarryNift smart contracts!

StarryNift joined the BNBChain Game Week Event in mid-May, and jointly held an AMA event in the BNBChain Chinese community! We maintain close contact with the Binance ecosystem and carry out cooperative construction to build a thriving ecosystem!

Welcome to join the StarryNift ecosystem and immerse in the AI-powered StarryVerse!

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