StarryNift Ecosystem Series Super Campaigns are Coming

2 min readJan 10, 2024

Embark on StarryNift Super Campaigns

Get ready for the launch of our Super Joint Campaigns in StarryNift Citizenship Ecosystem. It’s not just a celebration, but a journey into a world of unique rewards and community spirit. We will offer an exclusive OAT Badge, Citizenship XP Bonus, and Collaborative Rewards!

How to Participate:

Complete engaging tasks to earn your rewards and experience the thrill of our community. Stay tuned for more details on these super campaigns. Your adventure in StarryNift ecosystem is just beginning!

🆔About StarryNift Citizenship

StarryNift Citizenship redefines digital identity in the Web3 era. Tailor your achievements and showcase your diverse interests across General, DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi & Metaverse, NFT, and DAO dimensions.

Key Benefits of StarryNift Citizenship:

  • Create SBT: Unlock unique Soulbound Tokens representing your digital achievements.
  • Citizenship XP: Gain experience points for active participation, unlocking new levels and opportunities.
  • Compete and Win: Enhance your card level and aim for top leaderboard spots for exclusive rewards.
  • Token Allocations and Airdrops: Active contributors receive recognition through token distributions and airdrops.

In addition, Citizenship also supports multi-chain & multi-account systems, protects user privacy through ZKP, and allows users to control all data, achieving a “DID identity” that is accessible, editable, profitable, and visualizable. Through the decentralized identity protocol of StarryNift Citizenship, people can establish a trusted, universal digital identity system in the Metaverse, promoting the mutual integration of the Web3 ecosystem.

🎁About Rewards

Claim Your Exclusive OAT Badge:

  • Task Completion Reward: Complete all campaign tasks to claim your limited OAT badge.
  • Future Opportunities: This badge isn’t just a token of participation; it’s a key credential for future airdrops and events.

Boost Your Journey with Citizenship XP:

  • Earn Extra XP: During each super campaign, you can complete the ‘Daily Streak’ task on the StarryNift official website for 7 consecutive days to gain 100 citizenship XP.
  • Enhance Your Profile: This task not only rewards you with XP but also enriches your on-chain data and increases your account weight.
  • Timely Distribution: Rewards will be distributed within 15 days post-event.

Win Big with Project Rewards:

  • Lucky Draw Entry: All participants completing all tasks enter a lucky draw for additional project rewards.
  • Collaboration Benefits: These rewards, courtesy of our project partners, will be tallied and distributed within 15 days after the campaign concludes. Stay connected with our partner communities for more details on these rewards!

🚀Ready to Join?

Complete your tasks, claim your rewards, and elevate your StarryNift experience. These rewards are not just tokens of appreciation; they’re stepping stones to a richer engagement in the StarryNift ecosystem.

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