StarryVerse Series Carnivals are Coming

3 min readNov 10, 2023


We are excited to announce the celebration of StarryVerse Series Carnivals! Let’s take a sneak peak of the upcoming giveaway events! More detailed information will be released gradually!

We will collaborate with remarkable web3 projects, and we have prepared around 20,000 USD prize pool events for our community. Keep an eye out for exciting airdrops headed your way!


StarryNift Citizenship Award Carnival

Event Duration

2pm, Nov 11th — 2pm, Nov 18th 2023 GMT+8

To show our gratitude for the first batch of StarryCitizen supporters, we will directly airdrop USDT to the Top 10 StarryCitizen on the leaderboard!

Check more details about Citizenship at <New Feature: Decentralized Identity StarryNift Citizenship Is Coming!>

The deadline for the final reward ranking is November 10, 2023, at 00.00 (GMT+8)

Rank 1: 1000 USDT

Rank 2: 500 USDT

Rank 3: 300 USDT

Rank 4: 200 USDT

Rank 5: 200 USDT

Rank 6: 200 USDT

Rank 7: 200 USDT

Rank 8: 200 USDT

Rank 9: 200 USDT

Rank 10: 200 USDT

Exclusive Lucky Giveaway & Exclusive Citizenship Holders Giveaway

To express gratitude for the support of all StarryCitizen users, we will create an Exclusive Lucky Giveaway and an Exclusive Citizenship Holders Giveaway on Trantor.

For the Exclusive Lucky Giveaway, 400 USDT for 2 lucky winners.

For the Exclusive Citizenship Holders Giveaway, 200 USDT for 20 winners.

UGC Giveaway

Tweet screenshots of your citizenship and leaderboard. We will select the top 10 users with the highest number of likes and retweets 100 USDT for 10 winners

More surprises will be released soon

Late November

StarryNift AI Empowerment Carnival

We will launch an AI Empowerment Carnival with Trantor and continue to explore new possibilities in collaboration with leading web3 projects Followin, Web3Go… Join us for a chance to win over ??,000 USD exciting prizes. Don’t miss out on the variety of events we have planned!

Plus, we will collaborate with the leading AI project SynVision and experience the seamless creation of your AI chatbot.

We will release detailed info in the Episode II medium blog.

Learn more details about SynVision

Website |Twitter


StarryNift Christmas Party Carnival

To celebrate Christmas, we will collaborate with outstanding projects to launch an airdrop event.

We will release detailed info in the Episode III medium blog.

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