StarryVerse Series Carnivals Episode III — Christmas & New Year Carnival

Dec 22, 2023

To celebrate StarryVerse Series Carnivals Episode III, we are thrilled to launch the Christmas & New Year Carnival. Join us and explore the leading projects, including DogeWalk, PeopleMint, TerminusOS, Yuliverse, and more. We’re giving away prizes worth 6,000 USD, including USDT, NFTs, Tokens, and much more!

Join us on the extraordinary festival in the Starryverse. Grab your exclusive rewards and immerse yourself in a world shaped by state-of-the-art technologies and collaborative creativity. Here’s to an unparalleled adventure!

Event Duration

Main Event Duration: 5pm, Dec 22nd, 2023–5pm, Jan 12th, 2024 (GMT+8)

Carnival Entrance

More detailed info at Trantor Mirror:

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