Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Rewards

2 min readJun 25, 2024


We are delighted to experience and witness the tremendous development of AI together with all StarryNifters! StarryNift 3D AI NPC meets everyone in the StarryVerse and offers rich rewards! We are excited to announce the “Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Rewards” event. All users can participate in the event, create any type of AI Bot to enter the competition, and win generous rewards. Don’t forget to train your AI Bot and win USDT & rare 3rd Anniversary WL!

Event 2: Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Rewards

Dates: 5:00 PM UTC+8 25th June — 11:59 PM UTC+8 1st July

Prize Pool: 3rd Anniversary WL & USDT

StarryNift will launch the “Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Rewards” event. During the event, all users can visit the StarryNift official website and create their AI Bot to win the 3rd Anniversary WL & USDT.

📖How to participate?

Step 1: Participants need to visit StarryNift website and freemint citizenship card on the ‘Citizen’ page.

Step 2: Participants need to click “StarryAI — My bot” to create your own AI Chatbot. (You can choose any topic that people are interested in, such as AI, Metaverse..)

Step 3 (Optional): Participants can choose to click “Pricing” to unlock functions to upload training material & train your AI bot better( You can choose the ‘starter’ package).

Step 4: Participants can click ‘My bot’ — ‘Edit’ (Basic info/ Datasource) to optimize and train your AI Bot.

Step 5: Participants need to join StarryNift official discord & open a ticket to submit your address, AI Bot ID(Name) and all training material (Google docx/ sheet link)

Step 6: Participants can invite their friends to vote(👍) for their AI Bots. The more votes your AI Bot receives, the higher your chance of winning!

Step 7: Participants need to share a screenshot of your AI Bot, link of your AI Bot, an introduction of your AI Bot on X(Twitter), mention @StarryNift and tag 2 friends.

After the event ends, we (AI experts, international KOLs, and Starry guild) will record the number of likes and rank AI Bots based on an assessment of their overall quality.

We will announce the list of winners approximately 15 days after the event ends.

rank1: 3rd 100U WL + 200USDT

rank2: 3rd 100U WL + 150USDT

rank3: 3rd 100U WL + 100USDT

rank4: 3rd 100U WL + 50USDT

rank5: 3rd 100U WL + 20USDT

rank6: 3rd 100U WL + 10USDT

rank7: 3rd 100U WL

rank8: 3rd 10U WL

rank9: 3rd 10U WL

rank10: 3rd 10U WL

Come join us in the thrill as we welcome all community members to participate in the “Unleash Your Creativity and Earn Rewards” event and develop their exceptional AI Chatbots to collaboratively shape StarryNift! Let’s work together to unleash the limitless possibilities of StarryAI!

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